88 Natalie Color Block Tote

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88 Natalie Color Block Tote

88 Natalie Color Block Tote

Purses or a tote of some sort is kind of a necessity. When you are on the go, they make life much easier, as you will usually have everything you need in them. For different seasons, you probably like to change out purses, or maybe not and you just stick to one specific one, as I do. The reason that I do not switch purses with the changing of seasons is simple – I do not have multiple purses. When 88 contacted me and wanted me to do a review on one of their handbags/totes/purses, I jumped on it because I would like another purse. 88 is not a HUGE store, but it is not as if they carry only a few styles of purses, either.

I easily picked out the 88 Carol Taupe Color Block Satchel because it was smaller, had a nice color to it and it looked like it would be great for the summer. Then I was sent the 88 Natalie Taupe Color Block Tote. The purses are similar in style, but not size. The 88 Natalie Taupe Color Block Tote is HUGE.

I will be straight up honest about the 88 Natalie Color Block Tote – I do not like it one bit. It is not that it is a bad looking or even a bad purse in general – but, it is just not my style and it is too big for me. I’m short, like 5’0” short, so an 18 inch width by 10 inch high purse is extremely big for little ‘ole me. If it was smaller, then I would definitely like this purse. The other issue with this tote for me is the fact that the top does not zip entirely. Each side of the bag has a huge opening. This is a concern because I feel like if you have the tote on your shoulder, someone can easily just stick their hand in it and steal something.

I bet you are going what is the deal with 88? Well, 88 is the number of constellations in the sky, considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture, means love and kisses in ham radio, the shuttle mission 88 finished construction in 1988. In addition, 88 represents the cycle of creation and recreation. These meanings are the symbolic meaning of the brand 88. As wide as the sky, as forward looking as humanity living and working in space, as lucky as it is possible to be and full of love. 88 is a collection of bags designed by a design team that works on design for brands worldwide.

The 88 handbags are created by people who love what they do. Each is individually constructed and tested for durability. The founder of the brand is a lifelong vegetarian, therefore ALL 88 products are vegan brand and no animal products are used, whatsoever. How awesome is that? I do not really care either way, but I think it is great that the bags are vegan, yet still look very much like leather and they are great looking!

Even though I had problems with the company, I would still recommend their purses/totes. I know you won’t have any problems ordering from 88.

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  1. Pam R

    I definitely like the looks of these bags and have been intrigued by them for a while. I definitely appreciate your honest review though! I always find it hard to buy things like handbags online because of some of the very reasons you mentioned – it’s hard to judge the size, even if you actually go by the measurements as posted.

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