Pet hair is abolished with the Bissell CleanView OnePass Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Bissell CleanView OnePass Lightweight Upright Vacuum 9595

Bissell CleanView OnePass Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Having a clean home is one of the best feelings in the world. However, when you have children or in my case pets, it can be quite difficult to keep a home looking clean. Of course, we love our furbabies and children, so we end up just dealing with it. I am here to tell you that you do not have to just settle and you can have clean carpets again. The Bissell CleanView OnePass Lightweight Upright Vacuum 9595 has been helping to improve the looks of my floors in my home.

Info on vacuum:
The lightweight BISSELL vacuum cleaner features OnePass Technology®—with powerful suction and innovative brush design—that cleans more on initial pass. Bottom Easy Empty™ dirt tank and a washable foam filter make maintenance simple. The premium attachments provide faster and more effective cleaning—so you can get on with your day.


  • Combines a powerful 12 amp motor and unique brush design that rotates down into carpet to clean more on the initial pass
  • Empty your tank less often with the large capacity, Easy Empty™ dirt tank (2.2L)
  • Attachment Tools Include TurboBrush® tool, Crevice Tool, and Dusting Brush
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Fast and easy cleaning in a lightweight vacuum with powerful suction
  • Multi-Level Filtration helps reduce household allergens
  • Cyclonic System for long-lasting, powerful suction
  • 25 foot power cord

Bissell CleanView OnePass Lightweight Upright Vacuum

My Review:

One thing I am notorious for when vacuuming is going over the same spot numerous times. It is what happens when you have been using the same Dyson Vacuum for the past ten or so years. It has lost its suction; therefore, you will sometimes have to go over the same spot to ensure that you have picked up all the dirt, dust, and hair.

With the Bissell CleanView OnePass Lightweight Upright Vacuum, I do not have to worry about going over the same spot multiple times. You go over the spot once and it picks up all the hair, dirt, and dust. On occasion, you may have to go over an area twice, but that is only if there is lots of debris on the floor. The Bissell CleanView OnePass Vacuum feels solid in your hand and it is easy to push across your floors, whether they are linoleum, carpets, throw rugs, tile, hardwood, etc.

One of my favorite things about this vacuum is the large capacity dirt tank. My Dyson had a large one, too, so I was worried that would end up having a small one and having to empty it constantly. But, nope! You can vacuum for a while without having to worry about emptying the dirt tank. And when you do have to empty it, it is so easy to do so.

Earlier, I mentioned that I have furbabies – a longhaired Golden Retriever, Gavan, and a short hair tiger mix, Keala. Well, they both shed, big time. Now, with my Dyson, I would have to cut the hair off the rollers on the bottom of the vacuum every other time that I used it. What has really impressed me with the Bissell vacuum is that I have NEVER cleaned the rollers and I have used it many times. It is incredible!

Bissell CleanView OnePass Lightweight Upright Vacuum

About the only thing that I am iffy about with the vacuum is that when you want to move out onto a flat surface (linoleum, tile, hardwood) from the carpet, the rollers on the bottom still go and they are quite powerful. Even when you switch it over to hardwood floor setting, I would still be concerned that it would scratch hardwood flooring. The only other thing that I have struggled with is the handle for the vacuum, I find that when I am vacuuming and doing longer passes, in my living room, that my hand slips on the handle. I am thinking about putting a textured tape or something on it to prevent slippage.

Otherwise, the Bissell CleanView OnePass Lightweight Upright Vacuum has been amazing. It is truly crazy and unbelievable the dirt and pet hair that it is pulled from my carpet. My pets aren’t too thrilled about the vacuum – they think it is too loud, but what the heck do they know? Besides, they are the reason that we need these types of vacuums. Personally, I really enjoy using this vacuum, as it has a sleek look to it with purple, black, silver accents to it.

Bissell has dubbed this vacuum the best lightweight upright vacuum under $100. I would have to agree with that. If you only had $100 to spend on a vacuum, then I would definitely recommend the Bissell CleanView OnePass Lightweight Upright Vacuum. You will not be disappointed.

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10 thoughts on “Pet hair is abolished with the Bissell CleanView OnePass Lightweight Upright Vacuum

  1. The name OnePass pretty much sums it up! Having pets in the home makes you have to clean more, so it’s great to find products that make it much easier & quicker. I didn’t realize that Bissell had a rewards program…thanks for that info!

    • I would definitely agree. It does sum up what this vacuum is about. Yes, you certainly do have to clean more when you have pets in the home. It’s a breeze with the Bissell CleanView OnePass vacuum, though. Don’t have to empty it as much, the rollers don’t need to cleaned constantly, the vacuum itself is rather easy to use.

      Me either… not until I started looking around their site.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great review! I will have to be on the lookout for this for my sister :) Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s definitely a great vacuum. Plus the coupon code or rebate, depending on where it’s bought, is awesome and makes it an even better deal!

  3. Sam

    That looks like a great vacuum. It seems like it would help with sensitivities from breathing pet hair. I will need to look into this when I am ready to upgrade my vacuum.

  4. This sounds like a great vaccuum for pet hair.

  5. Terry Poage

    I would love to have this vacuum cleaner. I have 1 dog and 2 cats and hair is everywhere.

  6. Pam R

    I appreciate your review of this vacuum. Being new dog owners, the amount of hair is astounding! The problem is that we have no carpet – all laminate and tile so I might worry about scratching my floors too….Sounds great otherwise though!

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