Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo Review

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Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo Review

Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo

I have a 6-year-old Golden Retriever, Gavan Riley, who is the best! He does not typically get dirty or anything like that, but his fur sometimes gets greasy and yucky overtime. The summer tends to make his fur look and feel a bit greasy. At this point, I have tried so many different shampoos with him that it is not even funny. When I was given the chance to try the Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo, I was excited because I am determined to one-day find the perfect shampoo for Gavan. The Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo is grain-free and works to restore, heal, and soothe skin allergies and bring fast relief to scaly, dry, itchy skin as it cleans and detangles the dirtiest coats. If you use topical flea treatments, there is no need to worry – the shampoo will NOT deactivate the treatment. It will however speed up the healing of insect bites, abrasions, and skin irritations. The Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo is pH-balanced and includes botanical extracts – citrus, palm and coconut to soothe, restore and protect the coat, bringing back the soft, healthy shine.

Giving Gavan a bath is not a fun task. He is large and very muscular and is not particularly fond of getting a bath. I did however manage to give him one using the Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo. Sometimes dog shampoos have an odd smell, but I was pleasantly surprised when this one smelled good. It smelled good enough that I would want it as a scent for my own shampoo. The shampoo easily lathered and got down under all his fur. I was able to somewhat easily wash his fur. Rinsing the Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo out was a breeze. It seemed to be a quick-rinse shampoo, which I loved. Now, I am not sure if this is coincidence or what – but Gavan’s fur seemed to dry quicker than normal.

It has been a day since Gavan had a bath. He looks and feels so much better. His fur looks silky and he feels so soft and clean. I have been very impressed with the Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo. My only complaint would be that it is quite expensive. Overall, though, I would definitely recommend the shampoo!


One lucky person will win their own bottle of Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo for their pet!

Giveaway is open to US residents. Ends 8/10!

Good luck!

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38 thoughts on “Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo Review

  1. we have TWO…one is a little chihuahua mix and does NOT like baths at all and the big guy, he’s a pit and LOVES baths! They both are in major need of fur coat over haul LOL…yeah, summer time makes them just a little scruff looking and feeling. Luckily, they both are short haired dogs, but both are shedders as well. I’d love to find a shampoo that does have an amazingly nice smell to it as the stuff I’ve used didn’t last long at all and they came out smelling like…wet dog LOL

    • Ashley

      Haha, that’s funny that one likes to take a bath and the other doesn’t. I’d think the chihuahua would enjoy it more than the pit. My dog was too, which is why I decided to tackle the task. Pain in the butt to do it, but he does truly feel a lot better. And I was definitely impressed with the shampoo. No wet dog smell at all!

      Good luck, though!

  2. Sara schwab

    this shampoo before my dog Stewie

  3. Carrie Smith

    I would use this on my Boston Terrier Hank, who LOVES rolling in the dirt! His coat loses its shine in the summer, too. He doesn’t have that long fur that your Gavin has, but he could definitely use a better shampoo. He can’t stand baths but at least this would make it a little more enjoyable for both of us :)

  4. Rhonda Tenderholt

    I have two pups, a 13 year old corgi-mix named Gypsy and a 6 month old lab mix named Atticus. Thank you for the giveaway. Appreciate the review and time you took to post.

    • Ashley

      Aww, I use to want a corgi when I was a little kid. Just something about them that was so neat. Quite the age range you’ve got.

      Thanks for stopping by and entering. :)

      Good luck.

  5. June Ebinger


  6. We have two – a poodle-mix and a chihuahua. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Ashley

      You’re very welcome! :) Good luck

  7. rissa j

    We just got a new puppy!

  8. Jennifer Finn

    for the sherman

  9. Robin W

    I would be using this on my best friend and companion, my miniature poodle, Zuzu.

  10. kristy balser

    I have 3 little fur babies that I have to bath a lot they love to dig in the ga red clay so I am always buying a LOT of shampoo for them

  11. sarah k

    This sounds like a great dog shampoo to try, I have three little Maltese dogs and they are not fond of it, but with the white hair it’s hard to go to long before they need a washing.

    • Ashley

      Oh, I bet it shows up big time if they get dirty. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dog that enjoyed getting a bath. Lol. I don’t think it’s necessarily “normal” for a dog to like it.

      Good luck though!

  12. Nicole

    It will be used on my Mastiff and my terrier mix.

  13. crystal gibson

    I would use this on my big kitty Cookie. He doesn’t mind taking a bath but different pet shampoos have irritated his skin.

    • Ashley

      WOW! Your cat lets you bathe him?

    • Ashley

      YOU WON!! Will email you right now! :)

  14. desiree

    my 2 service dogs they are a pom and then a chiawaii both undre 10 lps

  15. amy tolley

    I have a soon to be two yr old pomeranian named thumper i would use this on him

  16. Stephanie B

    My amazing dog Murphey! He is a sweet mutt who I have loved for almost 15 years.

  17. Tandi Cortez-Rios

    I would use the Dancing Pet Natural Shampoo on my daughter’s puppy. He surprisingly loves baths.

  18. Helen

    I would use it on my cute little puggy, my pug bug. The best pug ever.

  19. Julie Lundstrom

    I have a beagle who loves baths.

  20. cassie

    we have 4 dogs so i’d use it on all of them :) 2 hound dogs, a labrador, and an english bulldog that loathes baths

  21. Darlene Owen

    I have 3 black labs that I give bath to.

  22. Carly D.

    I have a yellow lab puppy that just loves swimming and then rolling in dirt! He could really use this!

  23. My son just got a new dog-Cam. He needs pet supplies now!

  24. Dawn S.

    I would love to use this on my wonderful, stinky little rescue pit puppy – he has a habit of finding the biggest mud puddles to roll through! He also has super sensitive skin, so I’m always looking for great shampoos that will clean him and not make him itchy or uncomfortable!

    • Ashley

      My dog can sometimes have itchy skin – but, this shampoo has really helped to curb it. So, I’m sure it’d work for your pup.

      Good luck! :)

  25. Wehaf

    I have two lab mixes (50 lbs and 75 lbs). They love squeaky toys, they are always excited to see me, they are very good about having their nails trimmed, and they hate being bathed. :)

    • Ashley

      Teach me your tricks! My dog is AWFUL with his nails and I can’t cut them at all. My vet says we’ll have to sedate him heavily and they’ll do it and cauterize his nails and then wake him back up. :/

      Good luck, though!

  26. Heidi Ingalls

    I would use this on my yellow Labrador Retriever, Ginger. She’s 13 and is getting a bit too old to be able to handle going to the groomer’s. This would be perfect for bathing her right here at home!

    • Ashley

      I’ve never taken my dog to get bathed somewhere — always find it best to bathe at home. And this shampoo is truly wonderful. Gavan still smells good. :)

      Good luck to you & Ginger!

  27. janetfaye

    I would use this on my cute and funny little Maltipoo dog.

    • Ashley

      Good luck!!

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