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Dial Rewards

I am a huge fan of rewards program and I am here to tell you about a new one that I joined recently. By now, I am sure you have seen my reviews that I have done through Purex Insiders. This is another one of those reviews, but it is more so about introducing you to Dial Rewards Program, a new rewards program! I am a fan of Dial products – they make so many wonderful products, so I was quite excited for the Dial Rewards. You do not have to purchase their products frequently or even at all to be a part of their program.

You’ll earn points for signing in each day
Watching short videos will earn you points
You’ll earn by answering quick under one minute surveys
Share on Facebook & Twitter to earn easy points
Enter codes to get quick points

You will find that you can redeem your points for sweepstakes or instant wins.
Click on the “go now” button to either enter in how many entries you want for the sweepstakes or click “play now” on an instant win game to try to win a reward instantly

Go to Dial Rewards Program and click “Join Dial Rewards”
Fill out your information and hit “Join Now”
It’s that simple!
When you get signed up, use my code:  882MG to earn some extra points

What do I think of the Dial Rewards program?
I have been a member of the Dial Rewards program since early June – I have not spent much time on the website truthfully. Usually, I am a fan of rewards programs; unfortunately, this is not one of my favorites. Though the ways to earn points are quick and truly easy, I feel like the whole spending points is a waste of time. I cannot tell you how many sweepstakes and instant wins that I have entered. I have won nothing. Ever. And so far, I do not know anyone who has won either.

The Verdict!
Due to the fact that earning points and spending points is relatively quick, I would still probably give the Dial Rewards program a chance for a few more months at least. However, I probably will not sign in daily or even weekly, if I am being honest.

What could Dial Rewards program do to improve?
I think if the Dial Rewards Program added in coupons that you could print from the site or sent through the mail as an option when you redeem points, you would get more people excited about the program. I think it would be interesting to have a small box with samples (bottles – not the little packets) in it for a higher amount of points. Then for an even higher amount of points, I think you should be able to redeem for a full size Dial product.

Sign up for the Dial Rewards Program and tell me what you think about it!

Disclosure: I wasn’t paid for this post – however, I did do it through Purex Insiders where I may win a gift card. This is my honest opinion of the Dial Rewards Program.

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