EonSmoke: the good, the bad, the ugly

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EonSmoke Eternity Kit and E-Liquid Vape Juice


EonSmoke sent me the Eternity Kit and Blackberry, President and Vanilla flavored E-Liquid Vape Juice.

About EonSmoke:
Eonsmoke was founded in February of 2011 with an intent mission to provide the most premium of electronic cigarette brands to the masses.

The Eonsmoke electric cigarette looks, feels, and tastes like a classic cigarette. The difference: Eonsmoke emits a freshly scented vapor instead of offensive-smelling smoke. When you smoke electronic cigarettes, not only will you enjoy the smoking sensation, but your friends and co-workers will thank you as well. Our unique, elegant, two-part e-cigarette design is easy to use and extremely cost effective. Each flavored cartridge is the equivalent of up to a pack of traditional cigarettes. We value our customers above all else. Our customer service has gained its reputation as one of the finest in the smokeless cigarette industry.

You can find more info about EonSmoke here.

EonSmoke Eternity Kit includes:
One rechargeable battery, USB charger, 1 clear liquid tank
They are priced at $24.99 for the kit.
The battery comes in: black, purple, white and blue.

My Review:
My mother has been interested in quitting smoking cigarettes for a while and switching over to vaping. She has tried a few different e-cigs, but has not found one that she has been completely happy with and felt like she could truly switch over to. So, I went on a search for different types that would possibly work for her. That is when I came across EonSmoke. The products were interesting looking and they had a variety of e-liquid vape juice. EonSmoke sent me their Eternity kit and three e-liquid vape juices.

Eonsmoke Ecig

Eternity Kit – The battery has a rubbery feel to it, so it is easy to hold and feels very sturdy in your hand. It is purple, so it has a nice color and it is girly looking. You can control how much vape you get because it is manual, meaning you press the button and inhale. We received a clear tank for the e-liquid, which works out perfectly because it will match with whatever battery color you choose. The tank holds a lot of e-liquid vape juice, so you do not need to worry about having to refill it during the day. The tanks are easy to fill, unlike other tanks that have been used. The battery lasts a long time, but it still would probably be smart to bring one of the chargers with you. The Eternity Kit is $24.99, which is a good price.

Eonsmoke Eliquid

E-Liquid Vape Juice – Blackberry, President and Vanilla were selected in 18MG (Full), aside from President, which the company sent 24MG, despite requesting 18MG. The bottles are 15 ML, so you can fill the tanks up 7 ½ times before having to worry about buying another bottle. Each bottle is $9.99, which is an okay price, but not great. The blackberry was the best flavor. It was strong, but not too strong. It had a nice smell. The vanilla was good, too, even better when mixed with the blackberry. The President flavor, however, was not the best. But, it may be because of the strength of it being more than the amount that my mother has been using.

My mother liked EonSmoke stuff so much; she went ahead and purchased another tank and another Eternity Kit.

The eternity kit was in perfect condition and wonderful. The extra tank we purchased was not, however. First, it had $4.99 wrote on the tank package, but when you buy it on the site, it is $6.99. The tank did not work at all.

My mother called EonSmoke…they did not answer, but rather pushed her to a voicemail. She called another number that was associated with EonSmoke, they still did not answer. She tried again the next day and there was still no answer. She left a voicemail telling them who she was, the order number, how to contact her and what she was contacting about. Nobody ever responded to her. She signed into her online account and sent an email. No one responded to that. After a few days, I emailed through the emailed that I started when I requested to review product from the company. Finally got a response and they sent a replacement tank to make up for the other one not working. They said that they never got anything from my mother and that sometimes they just “don’t get emails”, which to me is horrible to say to a customer. Also, they addressed the price change issue by saying that the price is lower on the package and higher on the site because when you order from the site, they expect you to use coupon codes. Not an acceptable answer in my opinion. When it arrived, it was bright green – we ordered a blue one originally. They sent the product to me, instead of to my mother, which is who originally ordered the product. I contacted them about them sending a bright green and explained that I would prefer if we got the one that was originally ordered. They said it was okay and they would send another tank out. This time it arrived in the correct color and they never asked me to send the green tank back. Both tanks do work, so that is a plus. I do have to say that they shipped the products – all three times – out quick.

The hours for EonSmoke are horrible, honestly. They are not for the working person, honestly. They would be okay if they actually responded to voicemails that they receive. They have a ton of emails – but, they do not really respond to them. Customer service needs some work. My mother did do a search on EonSmoke and found that they had advertised for a job for customer service on Craigslist a little bit ago.

The products are great and although we received one that did not work well, they did make up for it. It is really a shame that the customer service is not the best, as EonSmoke would really beat out many others that are out there!

Despite the issues that we had, my mother would still consider ordering from EonSmoke.

*This review was put back up and my feelings are still the same as what is wrote above. I think I’d still give EonSmoke another chance.*

You can find EonSmoke on Twitter and Facebook.

2 thoughts on “EonSmoke: the good, the bad, the ugly

  1. Before you come to a decision, make sure you go through these pointers, as it shall guide you into finding the electronic cigarettes of your choice. In addition, if you are still doubtful then go through some reviews on internet, you will find plenty of them, but be aware of the fake websites. Read genuine reviews and then come to a decision.

    • Ashley

      decision on what? If you read the review, my mother tried the e-cig from EonSmoke (one of the many companies we’ve worked with and tried). This review is over a year and a half old… she’s been vaping for almost 2 years.

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