HomeRight SteamMachine Model 53 Review

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HomeRight SteamMachine Model 53

The HomeRight SteamMachine Model 53 is one of those products that you did not know you ever needed. To be honest, I am not sure how I had been able to live without this awesome, little machine. The concept is simple – it is a steam machine – that uses JUST water. You are probably going… but how does water even clean things?! Trust me; you do not need to use all those chemical cleaners to actually get things clean. You will never be able to call me a “green” person – I use those cleaners, just not as much as I do use to.

The first thing that I ended up cleaning with the HomeRight SteamMachine Model 53 was my shower. Well water destroys EVERYTHING, even more so when it is HARD well water. It sucks, but that is what I have, and I have learned to deal with it. Lately, I have been using bar soaps, which unfortunately, leaves soap scum and a lot of it. I do not really have a place to store the soap when it is not being used, so it does sit in my shower and the while the soap is drying, it runs down the shower wall.

Originally, I wanted the HomeRight SteamMachine Model 53 for my floors – I thought it would do an amazing job at cleaning them up and not using chemicals that my pets would have issues with. However, when it arrived and I started using it, I quickly found out that the machine just has too much pressure and the steam is too hot for the floor. It may have been fine, but I worried that it would peel up the laminate or whatever my floor is. I stuck with using the machine on the shower, getting all the nasty soap scum and hard water marks off the walls and the flooring in it. The only thing I will say is that it did make the wall of my shower have a ripple in it, but as soon as it cooled down, it looked perfectly fine again. It did a great job cleaning my toilet and even removed some rust that was on the inside of it. I even used it in the track of my sliding glass door to get all the dirt and debris from it.


The steam machine comes with TONS of accessories. There is an attachment for every product that you want to steam clean.

I have to be honest; using this steam cleaning machine in my home has been wonderful. I have cleaned a variety of things and without too much effort, everything has come clean. What surprised me the most was cleaning my shower and getting all the hard watermarks and soap scum off it. I will not say that it looked brand new, but it looks rather close to brand new. And the best thing is – no horrible cleaners were used. All we used was the steam (water) from the machine and we sprayed vinegar that was mixed with water on the shower walls and flooring to help loosen everything else up.

I cannot wait to tackle my oven – it is not bad, but it definitely needs to be cleaned. There are plenty of other things that I will use the HomeRight SteamMachine Model 53 on as well. I am excited to have this machine and continue to use it and test it out. It is truly impressive! If you have never owned a steam machine, I highly recommend this one!

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