HP Printer App Software + $5 Starbucks GC

HP Printer App Software + $5 Starbucks GC Offer

HP Printer App Software + $5 Starbucks GC Offer

It just amazes me what can be created!

You can now PRINT coupons from TWITTER. Yes, you read that right.

HP created a software app that allows you to print coupons right from Twitter. They’re offering a $5 Starbucks Gift Card if you try it out and fill out a short survey!



-Click one of these twitter tweet links;
($1 off Hefty Easy Grip Cups) https://twitter.com/redplumsaves/status/804475171465609216

($1 off 2 Emerald Nuts Products [4oz+]) https://twitter.com/redplumsaves/status/804444978059448320

($1 off Duracell Coppertop or Quantum Batteries [6CT+])  https://twitter.com/redplumsaves/status/804414795533275136

-FOLLOW the instructions and do as HP prompts you to do

-PRINT the coupon

-FILL out the survey: http://bit.ly/twittercoupons

**Don’t throw the coupon away! You’ll need to take a picture of the coupon to prove that you actually went through the motions and printed the coupon.

I’m an HP Millennial Influencer Ambassador. I wasn’t paid for this post.

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