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Have you ever thought about the ‘what ifs’ in life? It is not something that I do often, as I do not like to dwell on the past (anymore). However, if it were possible to turn back time, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Grandma Lucy

My great-grandmother Lucy passed away when I was very young. I did meet her, but I was young, like under five years old. Truthfully, I really do not remember her at all. Living in an Italian family, where your family is extremely important and you are constantly telling stories, it is tough for me when I hear people talk about “Grandma Lucy”. To be honest, what I do remember about her is when she was passing away and that is not really a great memory to have of her. I do remember going to Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Louie’s home, but I just do not really remember much of her. Now, my Grandpa Louie, I remember big time. He died two years ago at 100 years old.

It is a struggle for me when my mother brings up stories and memories she has of Grandma Lucy. For instance, one of the things that my mother talks about frequently is before and even when I was born, Grandma Lucy would make a special batch of peppers and hide them in the basement. When my mother would come over, she would bring them up and give them to her, telling her not to tell anyone. In an Italian family, you have to hide things if you do not want others to eat it. Of course, now, everyone knows what Grandma Lucy use to do for my mother. Another thing she talks about is the fact that Grandma Lucy was always cooking something yummy in the kitchen and it always smelled of some yummy Italian food. Now, I do kind of have a memory of that, but it is not of Grandma Lucy – it is of her children cooking in the kitchen.

Therefore, if I could turn back time, I would do it so I could truly “meet” my Grandma Lucy. I wish I had stories that I could tell about her, memories, or anything even. Sadly, I do not, though. There are tons of pictures of her and there is always a new story to be told by one of my family members. I just wish I could turn back time and even spend one day with her.

If I could turn back time, I would. If you could turn back time, would you?

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9 thoughts on “If I Could Turn Back Time | #BehindTheBlogger

  1. Aww, this is beautiful! I really understand this feeling. I barely remember my grandfather because he died when I was very young. My memories of him are really beautiful though, like him telling me to come “hug him around his neck” (we’re form the South haha). I wish I could turn back time to get to know him. I don’t know what type of person he was. I only know the stories the family tells, which aren’t many because we aren’t together enough. It sounds like the memories your family has of Grandma Lucy are good ones! You can live through their memories of her.

  2. I have a familiar “memory base” of my Grandpa Don. I was 6 by the time he passed away but the 2 years I have a few memories of he was sick. But I do have a lot of pictures of us when I was little. He bought me my first horse and took me riding all the time. He read me a pop up book that had Little Miss Muffet in it and he would make the spider jump at me lol … I wish he could have been around a lot longer.

  3. I completely sympathize with wanting to spend more time with your grandparents and not getting that chance. Memories and stories are always lovely, but sometimes it doesn’t take away the sting of that person not being there. I’m so sorry that you didn’t get the time you wanted with your grandma. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. <3

  4. Definitely a beautiful story! Isn’t it amazing how big an impact our grandparents and great grandparents can have on us? I was 6 when my grandfather passed away but there are few memories involving him that I hold onto for dear life. Whatever you do remember of your Grandma Lucy, cherish it always. Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. I understand the feeling. I really do not know much of my Great Grandfather on my mother side or anyone on my dad family side. I know a bit of my grandfather that on my dad’s side. I barely remember much of my grandmother on my dad’s side.

    i really do not have a name for me to use when refering to them except for Grandfather and Grandmother.

  6. Roberta M.

    On the bright side, even though you never got to know her. You did know the people who loved her so you get all of these won fearful memories to pass down Thanks for sharing.

  7. such a beautiful post. I was 18 when I lost my mother and I feel so fortunate to have memories of her. I have much younger siblings though that, while they do remember her, they didn’t get nearly as much time with her as I did so I try to fill in the blanks as much as possible . From the stories it dounds like your grandmother was an amazing lady.

  8. This is an amazing post. I get exactly what you mean. It breaks my heart that my girls will never know their great grandparents. Because of this I try so hard to have them spend time with my parents. I want them to have many memories of them. How tough it must be to have little memories of a loved one.

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