Invisible Glass keeps my home sparkling!

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Invisible Glass

Invisible Glass Stoner

With spring comes cleaning… and lots of it. This spring, we actually got new furniture for our living room. It has been years since we have purchased new furniture, but it was definitely time. The day before our new furniture was to arrive, a family member picked up the previous set that we had. I swear as soon as that happened, we went to town on cleaning the entire living room. Everything was cleaned – the carpet, the walls, coffee table, end table, television, entertainment center, curtains, DVD cabinet, and the windows! Now, typically, I would have used Windex or some other window cleaning spray. It probably would’ve worked out fine and I would have been okay with the way the windows looked.

Invisible Glass came into my life and everything changed. I was not overly familiar with this brand, though I did know of it and the products that they carried. In the past, I had received a sample that they had given out on their site. I have to say that Invisible Glass seems to be rather hard to come by in my area, which is why I’ve never tried them after the samples I received. Well, that is until now.

Invisible Glass Products

Invisible Glass sent me these great items:
Lens Wipes
Aerosol Glass Cleaner
Reach & Clean Tool

Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool

Remember me saying that I cleaned my windows? Well, I used the Aerosol Glass Cleaner and the Reach & Clean Tool. Now I do need to state that I am short – like 5’0” short. In order to reach the top of my windows, I have to stand on a step stool. However, now that I have the Reach & Clean tool, that has changed. I was able to easily reach the top of my windows with the tool and make sure they were as clean as the bottom half of the window was. It was great for once that I did not have to have a step stool or a ladder in order to reach the top of the window. The Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool can be used on a variety of surfaces – exterior and interior windows, rear windows in your car, shower doors, glass tables, windshields, dashboards and more! It is a multipurpose tool that will definitely get a lot of use in my house. The Reach & Clean tool comes with 2 washable and reversible microfiber “bonnets” and a mesh bag to wash and dry the “bonnets” in. What is great about this tool is that you can unscrew the hang loop, handle, and use it without the handle OR you can attach it to a larger pole and get an extended reach.

Invisible Glass Aerosol Glass Cleaner

With the Invisible Glass Aerosol Glass Cleaner, I was not sure what to expect. Truthfully, I thought it was going to be like a foam type of thing – I do not know why. I was pleasantly surprised when it was just a spray cleaner and not one that gets everywhere but where you are trying to spray it. The Aerosol Glass Cleaner has a focused spray that makes it easy to just spray on your windows and clean them with the Reach & Clean Tool. My windows looked sparkling clean after using the cleaner. There were no streaks or marks leftover on the windows.

Invisible Glass Lens Wipes

The last item that I received was the Invisible Glass Lens Wipes. Now, when I did receive a small sample, forever ago, it was something similar to these wipes. Though the wipes say that they can be used for regular eyeglasses and sunglasses, I personally would not recommend them for that. The wipes are great – do not get me wrong, but they are very wet, which can make it hard to actually clean your glasses. However, they work great for cleaning electronics – phones, tablets, iPods, Kindles, and Laptop screens/keyboards. The Invisible Glass Lens Wipes do not leave streaks, as long as you are able to get the excess moisture off the device you are using them on. There is a stronger scent to the Invisible Glass Lens Wipes. So, if you’re going to be using them on a device that you’ll put near your face/nose, you may want to wait to clean it when you know you won’t have to use it for a little bit.

Overall, I have been very happy with the Invisible Glass products – they work great and they keep my home and electronics clean. I would highly recommend every one of these products. Yes, even the lens wipes, despite them having excess moisture in them. Invisible Glass makes high quality products that will make cleaning your home easier than it has ever been!

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  1. I never heard of Invisible Glass before but since my windows really need to be cleaned I am thinking that I should give their Reach & Grab tool a try – maybe the spray cleaner as well.

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