Consider donating to Meghan Pawlak’s Brain Surgery Fund

Raising funds for Meghan Pawlak’s Brain Surgery

Meghan Brain Surgery

I will be honest – I never look at GoFundMe’s. I find that the majority are people that do not really need the money. Therefore, for me to be posting this on here, then you know that I really believe in this specific GoFundMe.

I met the Pawlak/Griffin family many, many years ago, through a family member of mine. At the time, their children were just little girls, but now they are growing up to be beautiful young women. Their oldest daughter, Meghan, a 12 year old, has recently started developing some heartbreaking medical conditions. She is dealing with tremors, twitches, migraines, stuttering, cloudy moments, tics, etc. The once happy, bubbly, little girl who loved playing guitar and singing was no more.

Erin, Meghan’s mother, started doing research and found a Dr. Dong Kim of the Mischer Neuroscience Institute at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. Prior to this, they found a cyst on Meghan’s pineal gland and were told that it should not be causing any of the problems that she is suffering from. However, that appears to not be the case.

On September 27th, Meghan and her family will be making the trek from New York to Texas for a consultation with Dr. Dong Kim. He is the only neurosurgeon in the United States who recognizes the cyst as being symptomatic and will operate on the cyst on children Meghan’s age.

With everything they have already done for Meghan, they have racked up many medical bills and they will be spending quite a bit more traveling to Texas and for Meghan’s surgery. All this family wants to do is to make sure their daughter has a happy, healthy life. This surgery needs to be done in order for Meghan to start feeling better.

Please consider donating to the Pawlak/Griffin family for Meghan’s brain surgery and helping them out with the medical bills.

You can find the campaign here. Or click through the picture below.

If you have any questions, you can contact Erin Griffin through the GoFundMe page and she would be happy to answer them. 

Thank you.

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