Save 10% off Wash’n Zip Pet Beds!

**Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wash’n Zip Pet Bed. In the past, I did receive a bed to facilitate a review. If you make a purchase, I will NOT receive payment. This is not an affiliate link.**


A while back, I received a Wash’n Zip Pet Bed for my dog, Gavan, to try out. Since we received it, everyone has fallen in love with it. Before Mya’s passing, she recovered on the bed after her eye surgery. And then when we adopted Keala, she fell in love with it and sleeps on it frequently. If the turtle wasn’t caged, he’d probably chill on it, too. These beds are comfortable, stylish, easy to maintain and pets enjoy them! Check out my review on the XL bed. I’ve personally dubbed these beds the last bed that you’ll ever buy for your pet.


Save 10% on one of the Wash’n Zip Pet Beds.

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Expires September 29nd.

The hardest part you’ll have is choosing which gorgeous Wash’n Zip Pet Bed that you would like to get for your pet. The sizes go from X-Small to X-Large. X-Small to medium Wash’n Zip Pet Beds will fold twice, the Large and X-Large will only fold once. However, you can buy inserts to put in them if you feel that you need more cushion. The Wash’n Zip Pet Beds come in four different styles/fabrics: animal print, pearl grey, chocolate brown and oatmeal sherpa.

These beds are gorgeous and are definitely something that I’d recommend to anyone that has a pet. You don’t have to use them as a bed either. If you choose to you can use them as a blanket, a throw for your couch, protection for your vehicle when you’re traveling with your pets. There’s many ways to use the Wash’n Zip Pet Beds.

2 thoughts on “Save 10% off Wash’n Zip Pet Beds!

  1. This is such a cool pet bed! I juts love it and will try to win but if not…. I will be purchasing :)

    • They are truly amazing beds. I recommend them to anyone who has a pet that would like to lay on a bed. They’re awesome!

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