Shades of Holly by H.D. Thomson Review

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Shades of Holly

Enter Zach Howard, a man who’s finally managed to get his life on track, until that is, he comes across a pair of otherworldly sunglasses. Once on, they reveal scenes of a past he would like to forget and a future he finds terrifying. If he can trust what the visions portray, Holly, the one woman he’s never stopped loving, is in danger of a psychopath.

Christmas is a breath away, but will Holly take her last breath? Holly has no idea what fate has placed in front of her this holiday season. Two years before, she turned her back on Zach because she wasn’t strong enough to deal with his broken soul. This time around, does she have the courage to fight for Zach’s life at the risk of her own? Or can miracles and angels save them both?

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My Review:
I do not typically like to read books that are in series; however, Shades of Holly seemed to be a standalone book, which is why I decided to read it. And normally, I do not read paranormal types of books. Something just drew me to Shades of Holly, though. The book is short and sweet and it did not take me more than an hour and a half to read it. The book is about 50 pages, but I got distracted, which made it take a little longer to read.

Zach, the main character of the book, is a “broken soul” – he dealt with many tough times, making him someone that was not very easy to handle. The love of his life, Holly, realized she could not deal with him, so she left. Though she moved on, Zach never did. He could not. He loved her. Way too much.

When Zach finds a pair of sunglasses, which are a bit more than just your typical sunglasses –his whole world changes. He starts seeing things that, well, scare the living hell out of him. Holly is involved with a dangerous man and time is running out for her. Zach needs to move quickly before he loses the person that means the most to him. Holly’s mother steps in and asks Zach to check in on Holly. He does. And well… everything is not as it seems. Will he save her and himself in time? You will not know until you read the book!

I do not necessarily read short books like this, but I really enjoyed Shades of Holly, even if it was part of a “series”. I felt like this book gave you enough information in the beginning to not feel like you were lost. And the book was summed up in the end – you were not left wondering what happened. Well, okay, you kind of are, but it is not your typical cliffhanger. Shades of Holly leaves you feeling complete – however, I am the type of person that always wants more. I want to know exactly what happened to the characters and what their future holds for them.

I think sunglasses were an odd object to use, but that is just my personal opinion. To be honest, I kind of think it was cheesy to use them, though I am not sure what else could have been used. Maybe it would have been explained had I read the first book. The book was wrote rather decently, it flowed, and I did not feel like it was lagging anywhere. It was not slow paced; it was quick, yet enjoyable. The characters could perhaps use a little more describing. And I felt like Zach was kind of a weak character. There were times when he was brave and strong then other times where he just did not live up to what he was described as.

Overall, though, I did really enjoy Shades of Holly. For .99 cents, you get a great, short, quick-paced book. I most definitely will be checking out the other books in this series, as I am definitely interested in seeing what happens and what previously happened.

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