Superfeet Outside Storm Sandal

Superfeet Outside Storm Sandal

Superfeet Outside Storm Sandals

Having a good pair of sandals is essential for the summer. Sure, you can buy the cheap flip-flops, but they are worn out quickly and do not look as nice as actual sandals do. Not too long ago, I did come across the Superfeet brand was quite intrigued by them. The offer only a few pairs of a sandals and many insoles. The Superfeet Outside Storm Sandal stuck out to me – they are all black, so they are sleek, yet stylish. Unfortunately, when they arrived, they did not work for me… but they did for my Mother.

Superfeet Outside Women's Storm Sandals

Designed using women’s specific dimensions, Superfeet OUTSIDE Storm sandals give you the comfort and support your feet crave that ordinary sandals can’t provide. Post-race or post-hike, fireside or poolside, you’re comfortable every step of the way.

Superfeet Outside Storm Sandal

What didn’t work for me was the high-ish arch that is in the sandal. My feet typically tend to be on the wider side and I guess flatter sider? I do not really know. I do not have any issues with regular flip-flops, boots, or sneakers. However, the arch does not seem to bother my mother at all, which is a relief because I would feel terrible if they did not work for either of us. The Superfeet Outside Storm Sandals are rather simple looking, but they are a great quality sandal that will last you forever. Well, almost forever. Since the sandals arrived, she has worn them quite a lot and has said that she enjoys the way that they feel on her feet. Her feet do not get tired as they do with a regular sandal, as there is support in them. She can do everything she needs to in the Superfeet Outside Storm Sandals that she does in any other type of shoe.

The only thing that she doesn’t really like about them is the cloth material that goes between your toes. She says it sometimes irritates her skin. And she worries that it may break after some time, but hopes it won’t, as she does really like the sandals.

Superfeet Outside Storm Sandals Women's

These are not flashy sandals at all; they are very simple and sleek. I think that is what drew me to them first. I am a bit bummed that I did not get to wear these myself, but oh well. My mother loves them and honestly, that is all that matters. If you love wearing sandals, I would highly recommend the Superfeet Outside Storm Sandal.

The Superfeet company only makes four different sandals, but they are all really nice looking. There are two men’s and two women’s sandals.

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5 thoughts on “Superfeet Outside Storm Sandal

  1. These flip flops look well made and super comfortable. I will have to check them out…. I love a good pair of flip flops. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I personally like simple & sleek. When I buy new flip flops, they are the cheap $1 bin ones and I always go for black. These Superfeet sandals look really comfy.

    • LOL. Same here…

      These didn’t necessarily work for me; but others they did. I think they would work for me, I’d just have to wear them for a while in the house to get use to the shape/design of them.

  3. They look comfy. I usually just buy the cheap wal mart flip flops but I would like to try these too.

  4. Terry Poage

    These sandals look really comfortable. I would like some to wear around the house.

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