Vaping Vamps Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit Review

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Vaping Vamps

Vaping Vamps sent me their Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit for my mother to try out.

About Vaping Vamps:
Our goal is to be the best e-cigarette brand for women. Out of all the brands of e-cigarettes, only Vaping Vamps was created BY women.

We wanted to take a lot of the guesswork out of choosing the best e-cigarettes and e-cigarette starter kits, especially for women who were new to vaping. We offer only products and flavors that we KNOW women like, because every one of our products has been tested by women smokers on our Vaping Vamps test panel.

Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit. 

Our ‘Deluxe Starter Kit’ is perfect for regular women smokers who want to switch to vaping to vanquish the vile stuff in cigarettes. It includes: two lithium rechargeable batteries, five cartomizers* (equal to about 2 packs), one USB charger, one wall charger and a gift box that holds everything.

Vaping Vamps has five flavors for their cartomizers: Carolina (Classic tobacco, smooth, fresh subtle mint), Mint Julie (Tobacco with a delightful mint finish), Carmella (Silky, rich caramel), Tia Berry (Sweet teaberry with a hint of wintergreen), and Mango Lola (freshly picked smooth and sweet mango).

They have only three nicotine strengths: Low (ultra-light cigarettes), Medium (light cigarettes), and High (regular strength cigarettes).

They also have a tri-level kit, which contains each level of nicotine strength.

Vaping Vamps Kit

My Review:
I have had the Vaping Vamps Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit sitting in my home for a while and I have been truly struggling with doing this review. My mother did try the kit out, but writing up the review has honestly been frustrating. Over the past year, my mother has been vaping and smoking. As of recently, she has decided that she wants to try to move over to just vaping. I am proud of her, especially given the current situation we are in. The past few weeks, I have been really looking around the internet for different products that would be good for her. When I came across Vaping Vamps, I was drawn in immediately.

The darkness of the site – the black, the purples, the hot pinks – I loved every piece of the site! The name “Vaping Vamps” was rather awesome too! This whole company was unique compared to any other vaping site that I have looked at.

So, lets go back to when I spoke to the company about trying the product out – they seemed really eager to have my mother and I do a review on the Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit. Because there are different nicotine strengths, they asked what level I wanted and I told them high, as my mother is trying to move from cigarettes and to vaping. All seemed well, until the day after they shipped the product. They sent an email saying that the product had been shipped out and that instead of the high level of nicotine that I selected, they were sending along a tri-level, as they’re unique in that way that they make a box of cartomizers that contains different nicotine strengths, for those that aren’t necessarily sure what level they need. Immediately I was put-off by that because if I wanted the tri-level, I would have asked for it, however I did not. The low and medium strengths are completely useless for my mother – she is nowhere near that point yet.

My mother tried the Carmella and Caroline cartomizers out. She said that she liked the Carmella one because it was different from many other flavored cartridges she has tried. It had a nice scent when it vaped – which is where I come in and get to “review” because I’m always telling my mother what the vapor smells like, as a non-vapor and non-smoker. It smelled sweet, but not overpowering. My mother liked the Carolina cartomizer but it was not a favorite. She is pretty stuck on one normal tobacco flavored eliquid if she vapes just a plain ‘cigarette’ type.

With that said, despite my mother liking the flavors, the levels were not the best for her. In addition, the e-cigarette is very airy – meaning that you had to inhale deeper than you normally would with a cigarette or an e-cigarette. When my mother did vape it, I could hear a whistling sound from the e-cig. We tried tightening it, untightening it, playing around with it and nothing worked. My mother did say that the batteries lasted quite a bit of time and charged quickly, as well.

Even though I had some issues with the company, I do think Vaping Vamps is a unique e-cig company that has potential. As of lately, I have noticed many people are nixing cartomizers and using eliquid and tanks, which is what my mother typically uses. Therefore, I would love to see Vaping Vamps do eliquids in the future. Their branding is awesome and the colors are so neat. I do like that when they were creating their products; they had real, vaping women try them out to see what worked and what didn’t work. Like I have already said, my mother has been vaping for over a year, so she knows what she likes and does not like, for the most part. The cartomizer flavors are not something my mother is a huge fan of, as she does not like mango, nor menthol – which is basically what Mint Julie and sort of what Tia Berry is.

If for any reason, you do not end up liking the Vaping Vamps product that you received, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company will refund your money, but would like to know what you did not like.

Overall, I have very mixed feelings about Vaping Vamps, as there are things that I like about the company and then things that were not so good for us. I am hoping that the e-cig that we received had possibly an issue with it, which is why it is so airy. Regardless, the prices are decent and if you are new to vaping, the tri-level nicotine strength would be a neat thing for new vapors to try. If in the future Vaping Vamps were to make eliquid and tanks, I think we would definitely give them another shot!

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