Virgin Vapor E-Liquid Review

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Virgin Vapor

I received five different e-liquids from Virgin Vapor – Vanilla Chai Latte, Thrilla in Vanilla, Banana Coconut Colada, Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Rosewater.

About Virgin Vapor:
We have one goal: to make the highest quality, organically flavored e-liquid available. We offer an extensive line of USDA certified organically flavored e-liquids in a variety of tantalizing flavors. From Best Damn Tobacco to White Cherry Crush we are constantly adding new flavors and expanding our line.

Virgin Vapor is run by Annette Rogers with the help of Team Virgin Vapor.

Read more about the Virgin Vapor company and their achievements.

Vanilla Chai Latte — $11.50
Our Organic Vanilla Chai Latte is a unique flavor. It combines the sweetness of vanilla with the strong spice of chai in a creamy base.

Thrilla in Vanilla — $13.50
Our classic tobacco with silky notes of pure, organic vanilla! The vanilla really compliments the tobacco creating a softer, smoother vape with just a touch of sweetness.

Banana Coconut Colada — $11.50
This delicious blend of banana and coconut will put you in a tropical frame of mind!

Strawberry Shortcake — $11.50
Luscious strawberries layered with sweet cream and decadent shortcake = HEAVEN!

Lemon Rosewater — $13.50
The flavors of lemon and rose ripple over your tongue in delightful waves making this flavor a beautiful, refreshing vape that is both delicate and overwhelming!

My Review:
Having never tried “organic” e-liquids before, my mother was very hesitant. Not too sure how electronic cigarette e-liquids can be organic when it contains nicotine, thought. Be careful when selecting flavors from Virgin Vapor, as I discovered on some of the listings that they say not to use the e-liquid with electronic cigarettes that have plastic tanks. They say some of the flavors can damage the plastic tank. The majority of electronic cigarette tanks that are available are plastic, so if you have that, you may want to steer clear of some of Virgin Vapor eliquids.

The flavors received are nothing that my mother would ever select for herself – aside from Thrilla in Vanilla, as it’s a mix of vanilla and tobacco. Except the smell of the Virgin Vapor Thrilla in Vanilla wasn’t pleasant. She did use it and said it was okay, maybe a bit too overpowering with the tobacco. She wished it was more vanilla flavoring and smell than the tobacco.

The flavor that my mother used once was Vanilla Chai Latte, although if you go by what the bottle says it is just Vanilla Latte, which would indicate a Vanilla coffee drink. That’s what my mother said the e-liquid tasted like. Also, I can vouch for that because the smell from the vapor smells like a vanilla latte coffee drink. She said it wasn’t terrible, but it’s not one that she would use often.

Banana Coconut Colada is not a flavor that my mother tried – she doesn’t like anything with coconut in it.

Lemon Rosewater was not tried either. This is the one that specifically says that there is a possibility of the eliquid damaging the plastic tank.

Strawberry Shortcake was a flavor that sounded really unique to my mother. She likes strawberry shortcake dessert, so she thought it would be really good to vape. She said it was okay, but not great. It’s a flavor that she will continue to vape, so it doesn’t go to waste, but she probably would never purchase it for herself.

Overall, my mother personally doesn’t think organic eliquids are really for her. They’re supposed to be a little bit better for you, but my mother wasn’t a fan of the taste of them. I’d suggest if you are into organic products and you do smoke, but looking to quit and start vaping, Virgin Vapor organic eliquids may be something you would want to check out.

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  1. Hi, we have a premium e-liquid called Courage Vape that has an unreal trifect cereal blend flavor and would love if you did a review on it. Can you email me or visit our site and we’ll get in contact with you? Great article by the way!

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