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Wondercide Natural Products “Try Everything” Sample Kit

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Wondercide Natural Products CEO, Stephanie Boone says…
To put it simply, chemical pesticides 
suck. They’ve been linked to a number of very serious health issues in children, adults and pets, and they can have equally devastating effects on our environment. The reality is that they are NOT necessary! We’re on a mission to eliminate chemical pesticides from our daily lives by providing safe and effective alternatives to protect pets, families and homes from pests. Pesticides are hiding in our pets’ flea & tick “preventatives,” insect repellents, and in the bug killers we use in our home and around our beautiful families. Our full line of natural products protects families around the world without the use of harsh chemicals. We’re proud to offer solutions that are truly safe & effective.

Wondercide Natural Products

The first day of spring has already come and gone…though that does not necessarily mean it is springtime in New York. Last week, it snowed at the beginning of the week, and was accumulating, by the end of the week, it was in the 70’s and muggy. With this come very confused bugs and lots of them. Wondercide sent me their “Try Everything” Sample Kit. With the kit, you get to try a little bit of everything that they have on their site. I know I cannot be the only one out there that does not like buying a full size of a product that you have never tried before. I am not big on taking a chance with things like that, as you just never know if they will work with you. Therefore, I really like what the Wondercide company does and the fact that they have a few different kits you can try.

With the Wondercide “Try Everything” Sample Kit, I received:
Renovate Soap Bar ~ with Neem Oil & Neem Bark
Rescue Soap Bar ~ with Neem Oil & Aloe Vera
Restore Soap Bar ~ with Neem Oil & Honey
Repel Soap Bar ~ with Citronella & Geranium
Flea & Tick Control Spray ~ for dogs & cats / Cedar and Lemongrass & Cedar Scented
Insect Repellent ~ deet free / Cedar and Lemongrass & Cedar Scented
Indoor Pet Control ~ child/pet safe / Cedar and Lemongrass scented
Skin Tonic Spray ~ First Aid Remedy / for dogs & people

As you can see, with this kit, you receive a variety of different items to try out.

Since the bugs have gone crazy, due to the weather changing so rapidly and frequently, I have been able to try out the insect repellent a little bit. It does seem to work, as long as I do not end up with a bug that just does not care about bug repellent. Both the cedar and lemongrass and just the cedar scent have a very similar scent – it smells like a campfire. Now, for some people, this may be a problem, as that smell will bother them. For me, it is not too bad, as long as I do not go overboard with how much I use.

I have not tried the Flea & Tick Control Spray yet, but I will definitely use it on the dog and I may try it out with my kitten. Again, this has the Cedar and Lemongrass and just the Cedar scent. The reason I am hesitant with the kitten is that she is a loveable, always in your face type of cat, so I do not know if I want that campfire scent on her. The dog, well, he’s the same way, but he goes outside and gets rain, wind, etc., on him, so it wouldn’t be as strong.

The Indoor Pet Control I have not gotten the chance to use, seeing as how I have not spotted any bugs in the house, yet… they will be coming soon, I know it! The scent is the Cedar and Lemongrass, but I would not mind that in my house, since most likely, it will be in areas that I really do not spend a lot of time in. This product is safe for pets and children, so you do not need to worry about them getting in the area where you sprayed it.

Onto the Skin Tonic Spray, which I am most excited about. I have only used it once, but I can guarantee you, I will use it as the warmer weather gets here. The one time that I did use it, my dog ended up with a weird spot on his neck, which ended up being a scab. I sprayed some of the Skin Tonic Spray on a q-tip and then dabbed it on his neck and the spot seemed to heal up very quickly. There is not too much of a scent, so it should not bother the dog. You want to know the best part about this product? You can use it on yourself, too! My plan for the summer for my dog and myself is if we get bug bites – try it on those and see if they heal faster.

Wondercide Natural Products Soap Bar

Now, the soap bars… while I love being able to try them out, I think for the sake of using them with my 6 year old, 100+ pound, Golden Retriever, they’re a little on the small size. I definitely understand that if they get much bigger, they could be considered full size, which would defeat the purpose of having a “sample kit”. But, I do not know if any of you have tried to wrestle a large dog and tried to use an actual soap bar on them, well it is not the easiest thing.

Each soap does something different:
Repel: Citronella/Geranium;
Keep the pests at bay ~ for dogs that are outside a lot
Rescue: Aloe Vera;
Soothing bar soap with help with cracked and dry skin, blisters, frostbite, sunburns and allergic reactions
Restore: Honey;
Helps coat/skin retain moisture
Renovate: Neem;
Exfoliating bar soap deep cleans dirty dogs and humans, too!

I am hoping with Gavan’s next bath, I will be able to use these soaps on him – the Rescue for his dry elbows, the repel to keep all the bugs away, and restore to help his coat remain healthy and shiny. The Renovate I ended up using myself, as Gavan does not really get dirty all that much, since he is mostly an indoor dog.

You receive many great products within the sample kit. I find these types of kits to be the best, as you can try out each product, it is not full size, and so if you are not a fan of them, you do not have to feel bad about not continuing to use them. With this kit, you are able to see what works for you, your family, and your pets, and what does not. And if you like a product, you can easily go and purchase the full size product.

Wondercide Natural Products Antler

Another product that I’m excited about from Wondercide Natural Products are their naturally-shed Elk Antler Dog Treats. They’re from Bend, Oregon and come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. This is a product that I’m seriously considering purchasing for my Golden Retriever. I’ve never tried Antler’s with him, but I’m sure he’d love them, plus everyone always says these are the best “chew treats” for a dog.

I would definitely recommend Wondercide Natural Products, first and foremost because they are natural. And then because they are decently priced, you are able to try sample sizes and kits, and well… their products actually work.

Interested in trying Wondercide Natural Products out? Great! You can get $10 off your $35+ order. This is for first time customers, only. Sorry!

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  1. I’ve got 2 dogs and I think I’ll check this out.

  2. I literally watched them on Shark Tank just last night! Their products look really good and I am definitely interested in them. Thanks for the review!

    • Really? I’ve yet to catch them on Shark Tank. Need to look for it.

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