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November 23, 2015
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PRINCETON, NJ - As electronics lovers gather in vegas for Overseas Consumer Electronics Show this week, a new Gallup evaluation locates People in the us falling into four groups according to their particular ownership amounts of the electronics already offered. At one end of range, 31per cent are "Super Tech Adopters, " who report broad ownership of major computing and activity products on the market. On various other severe, 28percent tend to be "Tech-Averse Olders, " whom possess a bit more than a simple mobile phone and DVD player.

Us americans' Ownership of 12 customer gadgets, December 2013

Between your extremes, 19% of Americans could possibly be considered "Smartphone Reliants." These People in the us are extremely expected to have a smartphone, but much less most likely than Super Tech Adopters to own other electronic devices, specifically various other transportable products. Also, "adult Technophiles" - 22per cent associated with the general public - report broad ownership of many different house electronics, but fewer than half have actually smart phones.

These findings are derived from a unique statistical evaluation of information from Gallup's 2013 life review, performed Dec. 5-8, and highlight special patterns in types of communication, activity, and computing devices Americans elect to rely on.

As Gallup reported Monday, DVD/Blu-ray players, residence wireless Internet access, laptop computers, and smart phones are being among the most widespread electronic devices in People in the us' homes. But smartphones - defined when you look at the review as "a cellular phone that built-in applications and online access, such as for example an iPhone or Android"- are much more concentrated among certain teams than the others. Overall, 62per cent of Us citizens say they myself have a smartphone, but this varies from 100per cent among Super Tech Adopters and 93per cent among Smartphone Reliants to 47% among Mature Technophiles and 16percent among Tech-Averse Olders.

Despite their similarly high prices of smartphone ownership, Super Tech Adopters are much more likely than Smartphone Reliants to earn $75, 000 or maybe more, 53% vs. 23%. Thus, income alone doesn't explain who embraces smartphones. Age may be the greater element, given that average age the two greatest smartphone-using groups is near 40, weighed against 50 or older for the two most affordable smartphone-using groups.

Listed here is a more detailed consider each one of the four gadgets teams in U.S.:

Super Tech Adopters

"Super Tech Adopters" defines 31per cent of U.S. adults. These might be regarded as the front type of technological improvement in society - those almost certainly to own a wide variety of gadgets, and as a consequence representing the prime clients for items being unveiled at this few days's 2014 gadgets Show. Completely have actually a smartphone, 99per cent have actually wireless Internet at home, 95% have a laptop computer, 86percent have an iPod or MP3 music player, 78percent have actually a tablet, and 67% have a desktop computer system.

Their average age is 39. Almost all (54%) tend to be college students, and nearly three-quarters (72percent) are utilized complete or part time. Roughly half (53%) make $75, 000 or higher per year, while just 12per cent make not as much as $30, 000.

Smartphone Reliants

"Smartphone Reliants" express 19percent of Americans. The majority of (93per cent) have actually a smartphone, 65percent have a laptop computer, and most have actually wireless at home; but they are less most likely than their rich alternatives having digital benefits particularly pills, e-readers, and transportable music devices, or to sign up for online streaming services. Their fairly reduced ownership of iPods, pills, and e-readers indicates they may have chosen to rely on their smartphones for these abilities.

This team's average age (40) resembles that of Super Tech Adopters, but Smartphone Reliants tend to be less likely to be college educated, less likely to want to be used, much less affluent. At 58per cent female, they also have a greater percentage of women than any for the other three groups.

Adult Technophiles

The next team - "Mature Technophiles" - is also a natural target for gadgets entrepreneurs. It states broad ownership of all electronic devices, with greater ownership of desktop computer and notebook computers, tablets, e-readers, portable songs players, and DVD or Blu-ray products than Smartphone Reliants. Members of this group are just much less prone to have a smartphone.

Mature Technophiles have actually a little greater incomes plus formal education than Smartphone Reliants, however they are older, averaging 50 many years. It really is this last distinction that a lot of likely explains their aversion to smartphones.

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