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July 12, 2015
Simplicity1 Home Automation

An email through the President...
Since 1996, Automation Specialists, Inc. of Tucson Arizona has-been supplying Tucsonans aided by the absolute best in items, installation, and solution for residence automation, systems integration, organized wiring, home entertainment methods, home entertainment seating, whole house songs systems, tvs, speakers, safety systems, safety tracking, house communications, and structured systems wiring. We are going to offer all the details you ought to make the most readily useful selections for you, family plus guests so that you'll have the best possible experiences whilst in your house.

It really is really worth discussing that Automation Specialists is presently the sole subscribed CEDIA
(Personalized Electronic Design and Installation Association) specialist in south Arizona. This
is an essential differentiator that you should think about whenever choosing an electric systems professional. We've trained and certified Electronic System Technicians (EST) on staff using the objectives of constantly offering a consistent level of skill, understanding and education to make usage of the methods we install. For further details about CEDIA visit www.cedia.org.

I am proud and confident to say that individuals've never lost our license, never really had a complaint utilizing the registrar of contractors, do not have declared personal bankruptcy, do not have changed corporation brands or developed divisions so that you can restructure because one of the occasions just mentioned and do not had anybody but myself carry the certification for the business.

With all of that stated, it is my promise to supply what we state, when we state, be around for you personally now as well as in tomorrow, always make an effort to improve our procedures, be willing to learn, pay attention very carefully and contend for your joy.

Thanks you for opportunity and I enjoy working with you.

David Knittle, President, CPD, CPDII

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