Honeywell home automation system

December 26, 2023
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Mention convenience! You’ll understand how to use the Tuxedo Touch controller the 1st time you notice it. it is intuitive, easy to find out and easy to use whether you’re managing your security and house control features, watching and tracking movie, or making use of vocals commands.


Just state "Hello Tuxedo" to carry your home your. The convenient, integral voice instructions may be configured to suit your lifestyle and needs. Your mornings can operate more efficiently by saying "Wake Up" and having your tones raise therefore the heat turned up to your perfect heat. Ready to turn in when it comes to night? Simply say "Bedtime" to arm your security measures, turn off your lights, secure your doorways and set back your thermostats. State hello to convenience and peace of mind!


Whether you’re home or away, you'll choose to control Tuxedo Touch and receive essential notifications about occasions happening close to your property with Honeywell complete Connect™ Remote Services. Whether you utilize your smartphone, Computer, tablet or any other suitable smart phone, the intuitive icons look and run similar to the people on touchscreen!

Smart Host... Smart Residence!

An integral internet server enables you to enjoy convenient, on-premises control over the device during your smartphone, web-enabled television or suitable mobile device.

Ease is crucial

Lock and unlock doors from Tuxedo Touch and disarm your security system all the way through the keypad in your lock.

Your Property, Only Smarter

Tuxedo Touch makes it possible to develop an energy-intelligent home—helping you save cash, save energy and make your home more efficient with automated heating, air conditioning and burning.

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Keep an eye on your kids from the comfort of your chair. You can view live movie on as much as four cameras per display around the premises from the touchscreen, smart phones, tablets—even Internet TV! You could capture as much as two-minute videos on an SD card for artistic confirmation of an alarm occasion or system activity.

Get Connected

Control Z-Wave enabled thermostats, lights and shades at touchscreen or concerning cellular devices all over premises when using Wi-Fi.

Sleek and Extraordinary

The extra large display screen and choice of white or silver housings create your pictures and movies pop and fit any décor.

Bring Your Memories your

The brilliant, high-resolution display brings your memories to life for an incredible photo and video viewing experience. Just place your SD card right in the touchscreen!

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