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September 8, 2022
Home Depot Coupons

Residence Depot Christmas time Light trade-in

The 2015 Xmas Light Trade-in Event is Over

Thanks for participating!

Recyle Your Old Christmas Lights

It’s time for you to change to LED xmas lights, therefore the Residence Depot really wants to make that simple to accomplish. That’s the reason why home Depot is keeping its 2015 xmas Light Trade-In occasion!

Starting November 5, 2015, take your old incandescent Christmas time light strings to your neighborhood Home Depot store for recycling. You’ll receive a $3, $4 or $5 discount toward the purchase of ENERGY CELEBRITY qualified LED Christmas lights. You’ll get a coupon for every single string of old lights you give united states. (Limit 5 redemptions per consumer.)

The coupons for the xmas light trade-in

Switching to LED Christmas lights helps environmental surroundings and reduces your energy bill. ENERGY STAR certified LED vacation lights tend to be 75 per cent even more energy conserving than incandescent lights. They final more or less twenty years, which will be seven times longer than incandescent vacation light strings. They don’t heat up, and they’re excessively durable, too, making LED lights a safer choice for xmas decorating.

And LED technology is quite advanced level. The LED xmas lights include kinds which have equivalent cozy colors you’d anticipate from old incandescent lights.

Therefore gather your old strings of incandescent Christmas lights–whether or not they however work– and check out your closest house Depot shop to trade all of them in. Dump all of them within the Christmas time light recycling package, and pick up your voucher for cash off the purchase of brand new, energy conserving LED Christmas time lights.

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