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August 16, 2022
Houston s Copper, Aluminum

Bear in mind your CHANCES and EVENS

Residents may get rid of their Tree spend and Junk spend at their particular curbside. Tree Waste is gathered during odd-numbered months and Junk Waste is gathered during EVEN numbered months. This method of obtaining large waste comes with the many benefits of diverting products that may be recycled from landfills, preserving landfill space and valuable taxation dollars.

Tree Spend

“Tree Waste” is described as “clean” timber waste eg tree limbs, limbs, and stumps. Lumber, furniture, and managed lumber will NOT be acknowledged.

Junk spend is almost certainly not put for collection during a Tree Waste thirty days.

Tree Waste months are January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Junk Waste

“Junk Waste” is described as items particularly furnishings, devices, and other cumbersome material.

Tree spend is accepted during Junk Waste Months; however, to make certain your Tree Waste is recycled, you may possibly hold your tree waste materials until the after that Tree spend designated thirty days and take it to a Neighborhood Depository/Recycling Center.

Junk spend months are February, April, Summer, August, October and December.

Residents who wish to dispose of Tree spend or Junk Waste before their planned once-per-month collection may use one of six location Depository/Recycling Centers. Go to the local Depository/Recycling Center website herefor more details or call 3-1-1.


Residents may put up to 4 tires at curb for collection during Junk Waste months. Collection crews will split the tires through the Junk Waste. It might take up to per week before crews return and recover the tires. Isolating the tires from other countries in the Junk Waste enables the SWMD to correctly process tires.

Additional Information

Position Guidelines

  • Tree Waste and Junk spend should always be placed adjacent to the leading curb in a spot readily available toward collection automobile between the hours of 6:00 p.m. the Friday before and 7:00 a.m. from the planned collection day.
  • Tree Waste and Junk Waste should not be piled under reasonable expense electric cables or other cabling, indications, or mailboxes; next to fences or posts; or above liquid meters, fuel yards, fire hydrants, or other uncovered energy components.
  • Materials shouldn't be put in the street, regarding the sidewalk, or any other right-of-way, or in any fashion which would hinder pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • Tree...
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