Large appliances Recycling

March 1, 2023
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Large Devices

Are you aware that huge appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, automatic washers, and dryers are typical recyclable? There is actually tons of metal to-be reclaimed in these items. Some merchants will offer you to recycle your old device once you purchase a fresh one. Should this ben't a choice, bring your appliance to 1 associated with the collection centers under.

Imagine if my automobile is not big enough to transport the appliance?

If self-transporting your device may be out of the question, call your rubbish hauler to see when they'll pick it included in their particular bulky item collection solution. Many haulers offer several no-cost pick-ups each year.

And even though you are reducing waste...

Why not reduce your power consumption, too!? When updating to a different device, consider buying an energy efficient design. Not only can you assist saving valuable natural resources, but you will also cut costs in your month-to-month electrical energy, gas, and liquid expenses.

Where to get

  • All of Santa Barbara County (4)

  • Santa Barbara Area (2)

  • Goleta & UCSB Region (3)

  • Santa Ynez Valley (2)

  • Lompoc Valley & VAFB (3)

  • Santa Maria Valley (5)

  • Cuyama Valley (2)

  • Outside Santa Barbara County (3)

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