Kitchen Home Appliances

August 19, 2022
Kitchen-home appliances

Perfect results

60cm 11 Function Pyrolytic Integrated Oven

We've taken the most effective of existing range technology and created an oven with an exceptional interior capability, without reducing preparing quality or energy savings. This boils down to the special Active Venting technology - a venting system that may eliminate moist environment while maintaining the heat within the range, giving cooks more control and greater results.


Next Generation of ActiveSmart™ refrigerators

Introducing the next generation of ActiveSmart™ fridges. With brand-new water dispenser styling and SmartTouch settings, these refrigerators are designed to match with Fisher & Paykel's group of appliances.


DishDrawer™ Wide

Created for everyone, the DishDrawer™ large dish washer complements the Fisher & Paykel 900mm product range to supply an overall total kitchen area answer. Providing space for nine location configurations, the DishDrawer™ open is worthy of medium-sized homes and that can be partnered with extra compartments to appeal to larger households.


48" All Grill + Cart

Fisher & Paykel DCS outside Grills are created to supplement any outdoor environment. Whether it's fully integrated integration and/or freedom of a Grill cart, the DCS range takes performance to a new level.


a cabinet that loves doing the bathroom Designed for flexibility.

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