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September 9, 2022
10Pcs/Lot D10.5*H10CM Silvery

I explained our big kitchen project, shown you the demolition, and shared our funding, and now it is the right time to get right down to business. The bones of a kitchen will be the cabinets and their design, and we also knew from the beginning we wished to make use of IKEA's cupboard system. Below are a few things we learned along the way.

An earlier rendering of my home through the IKEA computer software.

IKEA features officially launched they are changing the AKURUM distinct cupboards seen here with a new and enhanced system of cupboards — SEKTION. Read more concerning this change right here:

The reason why an IKEA Kitchen Area?

The decision to get an IKEA kitchen area arrived down seriously to two facets: Price and modern-day design.

  1. Price - IKEA is similar to no other company regarding measure of economy inside their furniture. I do not love each and every thing that IKEA does, nevertheless when it comes to cooking area cupboards, i must say i don't see every other way to obtain the dimensions and style of cooking area we wished.
  2. Modular and contemporary - IKEA cupboards are completely standard — you can buy them in several configurations and adapt all of them to your style to an extremely astonishing level, particularly if you, like us, desired an even more modern-day and sleek look. Their particular cupboards tend to be frameless and simply adaptable to modern-day, flat-fronted doors.

Just how Is the Quality of IKEA Kitchen Cabinets?

I realize that many people are suspicious of IKEA cupboards, since they are manufactured from particle board (much like MDF — method thickness fiberboard). The low cost of the cabinets and their product earn some individuals uneasy about purchasing.

But let us take a better appearance.

The Information on Particle Board & MDF

Most off-the-rack pantry systems are also made of some class of particle board. Every other cupboards we're able to manage (like Kraftmaid cupboards or any other outlines sold at stores like Lowe's and Home Depot) had been additionally particle board. You can easily get one step up and get cabinet-grade plywood, but there is however some debate over whether that is actually superior to particle board or MDF.

But What About Custom-Made Cupboards?

To go entirely towards the top and get custom-made, solid wood cupboard cardboard boxes — that just wasn't simple for us. Yes, custom-made cupboards can often be cheaper than you expect if you learn regional resources, but even so, for us it can have cost tens and thousands of bucks, money we couldn't justify regardless if we had wanted to. Our whole pantry system cost less than $10, 000. (See my top dollar breakdown at the end.)

Top-notch Hardware

For me personally, more key section of a cabinet could be the drawer. If anything will probably swell and warp, it really is a drawer. But IKEA's drawers tend to be solid metal, with really superb hardware, Blum hinges, and drawer dampers for soft-closing. (We love the dampers — we'll explain more info on them in the next post.)

We read copiously on various other property owners' experiences with IKEA cupboards and talked to contractor pals. Generally speaking, these people were uniformly enthusiastic. Yes, IKEA cabinets are inexpensive, but that does not imply they truly are shoddy or flimsy.

Just How Complicated Is Your Kitchen?

Before I inform you what we learned, I wanted to indicate one more thing about our kitchen renovation that provided united states self-confidence utilizing IKEA cabinets. We were fundamentally you start with a blank record. We had been creating a kitchen addition onto the house, therefore we don't have to deal with strange corners or preexisting constraints. We'd the true luxury of a straightforward design — basically an open galley with a long area and straight run of cupboards. There were no part cabinets, and, for that matter, no top cabinets either.

If, on the other hand, we had already been renovating an existing kitchen with no capability to go walls and plumbing with more difficulties in suitable every little thing in, I would have already been very likely to explore custom cupboards or at the very least get more help from a cooking area designer. But my "two right lines" cooking area had been particular the ideal situation for IKEA's procedure.

Just like other things, IKEA cabinets have their particular limits, but we thought that in the long run the IKEA cabinets were definitely the best price for the task.

Here, after that, are some things we discovered in the act.

Ah, the tedious joys of buying an IKEA cooking area. Numerous bored/anxious-looking individuals (okay, typically men) loitering about.

1. You don't have to get IKEA's door and drawer fronts.

You can aquire IKEA's affordable, well-made cupboards and drawers, and place custom fronts in it to generate a truly custom, luxurious choose less.

Besides price, it was the single biggest aspect for people. IKEA's system can be so flexible and standard, you can get the cupboards without having any doors or cabinet fronts. We liked IKEA's flexibility and price, but I wasn't in love with their numerous finishes. I needed real lumber veneer, and also a custom color for a few associated with the cabinets. (IKEA cupboards are hard to paint really.)

Therefore, we turned to some one i have already been therefore getting excited about letting you know about:

→ have more info:

Based in la, Semihandmade is a sister organization to Handmade, which makes good furnishings and cabinetry. Semihandmade offers this craftsmanship at a diminished price and tends to make doors and drawer fronts crafted to suit IKEA cabinets precisely. We caused the Semihandmade owner John McDonald to plan completely and purchase cabinet fronts, doorways, part panels, and filler pieces for my IKEA cooking area program. We sent him the IKEA cooking area plan I made and then he provided me with an inventory and a quote of every thing the kitchen required.

It was extremely easy, plus the email address details are definitely spectacular. I even got cut-outs in place of hardware manages of many associated with compartments, the same as I wanted.

Utilizing Semihandmade was possibly the single best decision we made through our entire home renovation process. The cost was drastically less than customized cabinetry nonetheless it nevertheless gave me the modern luxe appearance i needed.

While I simply cannot praise Semihandmade adequate, there are various other organizations too that customized doors and drawers for IKEA cupboards (Scherr's, especially).

A look at that infernal yet addictive pc software environment.

2. You will get Stockholm syndrome from computer software.

IKEA has a delightful, terrible, addictive, amazing small software program that can help you want out your kitchen. It's an app you employ right in your on line internet browser, which will make it buggy. (Oh the tortures of Java; i'd have in fact compensated real money for a desktop type of this application running on an even more stable base.)

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