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March 27, 2024
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"It moved WONDERFUL! We relocated into a house with a 15 yr old viking range, that has been having some dilemmas. I had another company come out to consider my" range for a broken knob and heating issues. It took this other business over 40 minutes to get the design & serial quantity- and I began to fret they couldn't understand how to handle a Viking - SO, I labeled as the Viking customer support and they advised PROVIDER. They were helpful in the phone, the original go to went well and 2nd visit/repair went really well. Really efficient, professional and knowledgable. We learned a whole lot from about how exactly the range runs - and he mentioned the lifecycle of my oven- and what to be cautious about next. Excellent service- will certainly use them once again.

"Our subzero ice box ended taking care of a Saturday early morning before Christmas time when all authorized sub zero services had been shut. We'd a house filled with guests" and terribly needed a repair. We located this service on Angie's list. Our very first mistake was utilizing someone listed on Angie's number that couldn't show any references! The initial see was from a gentleman driving a cadillac and holding a little device bag. That has been our very first issue. He was very pleasant.See Verified Local Reviews He told united states that solution individual who was indeed scheduled had been working at the rear of and then he arrived instead in order to resolve the difficulty. He advised that the fridge needed a Sub Zero relay therefore will be bought on Monday from Florida and a person would get back on Tuesday to put in it. On Tuesday, A repairman called appeared, spent 1-1/2 hour and told us that people should monitor the fridge closely based on a thermometer placed inside of it, to see if it would begin air conditioning and he could always check right back with us 24 hours later. His bill ended up being slightly below $1, 000, including just below $400 for the relay. We paid by credit card. He encouraged that people might need a compressor for the fridge that will price one more $1, 700 or so. Then we became concerned and soon after labeled as him back into let him know we had been planning postpone the service until after xmas (we took our visitors out to consume when it comes to holiday breaks at a high price of about 0!). After a site call from a primary sub-zero company in Atlanta, we learned that improperly set up a Whirlpool relay rather than a sub zero relay in the freezer compressor rather than on refrigerator compressor (absolutely nothing was incorrect with your freezer!). We were in addition informed he had developed a power danger and left things "hanging." Their concern is the fact that the activity may more than likely destroy the fridge compressor. Their actions additionally ruined the ice box, Schedule, and Save on solutions His assessment was that solution was done-by an individual who had not been knowledgeable about sub-zero refrigerators. He additionally stated that the repairman had discarded specific components from refrigerator. In the end, if things have been done precisely all we required ended up being a $119 solution telephone call to include freon! We were effective in having the charge card cost reversed but nevertheless face fees of $1, 500 to $3, 000 dependent on set up freezer compressor may be salvaged. Usually do not under any circumstances make use of this solution. The balance remaining because of the repairman couldn't contain an address in addition to title of their solution cannot be based in the telephone book or by-doing a Google . Moreover, the recommendation service this is certainly noted on Angie's listing wouldn't normally provide their target for factors of "privacy."

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