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December 10, 2017
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Electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste flow in the united kingdom. Multiple million tonnes of digital items can be bought yearly, but only around a third is recycled.Waste electrical and electric gear (WEEE) is any appliance which has had an electrical plug or is battery operated.

It has a lot of materials which can be highly valuable resources but which are polluting if released to the environment.

Recycling these things diverts unnecessary waste from landfill and helps save yourself natural resources.

You'll recycle all types of waste electrical things, whether large or small, at any of the Recycling Centres in Aberdeen. Kindly follow directions on location as different sorts of things might go in different pots.

If you should be unable to take large electric things such as fridges, freezers or automatic washers to 1 of the Recycling Centres, after that we can collect them from your residential property for a little cost. Understand assortment of Bulky Waste Things page to learn more.

If the electrical things continue to be in great doing work problem, kindly call the National re-use phoneline on 0800 0665 820 to donate all of them to an area charity. This might be a totally free solution. If your item works, they are going to arrange for it to be collected and handed down to somebody who needs it. Or you might donate your products straight to neighborhood charities, or offer or present them online. See our A - Z of Recycling and Reuse choices for information on certain items.

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