Recycling electrical appliances

November 16, 2023
Thriving rag-and-bone trade
Annually, Hong-Kong homes and corporates dispose of above 70 thousand tonnes of computer systems and electrical and electric equipment. Some of these products continue to be in great performing problem and could be placed to second hand use. All of them have elements and materials that would be restored for reuse and recycling, like metals and plastics.

To cut back the number of waste computer systems and waste electrical and digital gear removed at landfills, environmentally friendly Protection division established a Territory-Wide test healing Programme in January 2003. The programme was well received because of the general public and much more than 40, 000 waste computers and electric and digital units are increasingly being recovered and prepared each year. This trial programme became the basis the Waste electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling Programme that has been launched in September 2005.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Gear (WEEE) Recycling Programme
The WEEE Recycling Programme aims to channel WEEE for reuse and recycling rather than disposal. Since October 2010, St James' payment was approved 3-year financing assistance through the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) to make usage of the WEEE LIVE GREEN programme to enhance the solution and move through the Kowloon Bay Waste Recycling Centre to a larger recycling workshop during the EcoPark WEEE Recycling Centre. The WEEE collection is focused on significant designated items, specifically tv sets, refrigerators, washers, video or sound gear, microwave oven ovens, followers, liquid heaters, rice cookers, air-conditioners, heaters, electronic games and mobile phones. Various other residence electrical appliances can also be colletced. WEEE are delivered to the WEEE Recycling Centre for assessment, repair and/or dismantling. Appliances that may be fixed are contributed toward needy. When there is no ideal receiver, the repaired products are positioned on charitable sale and also the proceeds will undoubtedly be ploughed back to the programme to offset part of the working expense. Items that tend to be beyond fix are dismantled and their useable components and products are restored for reuse and recycling.

St. James' payment takes WEEE through the general public at designated collection points (start to see the areas of collection things). Range solution for certain places and housing estates can be organized by calling St. James' Settlement at Tel: 2795-7038. St. James' payment also provides mobile collection service to get WEEE from different districts. For more details, kindly go to the "WEEE GO GREEN" programme site of St. James' payment.

Furthermore, EPD's mobile collection car collects electrical appliances, also computers, rechargeable electric batteries, compact fluorescent lights and fluorescent tubes. The automobile visits a different region weekly.

The EPD can be active in the Computer Recycling Programme organised by the computer system trade. This really is run-on similar goals of refurbishing functional gear the needy, and dismantling the rest for recycling.

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