Recycling small appliances

September 14, 2022
Nature Preserve

We assist Electronics Recyclers International, that e-Steward qualified utilizing the Basel Action Network. Find out more about the reason why recycling electronics responsibly is very important.

CHaRM Directions and Costs

Eco-Cycle charges a $3 fee for each vehicle visiting the Eco-Cycle/City of Boulder Center for Hard-to-Recycle products (appeal) to reuse materials. The cost is in inclusion into recycling fees that connect with specific products like electronics, bike tires and porcelain.

Accepted payment practices:
Cash, check, and any charge cards except that Diner's Club

Inventory number:

The CHaRM is setup to accept repayment at a drive-up window before you unload your automobile. If you're bringing a lot more than you will be able to keep in mind during the window (that is great!!), we recommend making a list of items which require a recycling charge to aid the process.

NOTE: For individuals outside our area, don’t mail united states CHaRM products! While we therefore value your dedication to recycling unusual products, the environmental impact of shipping those items will probably outweigh the envrionmental advantages of recycling them.

Audio Gear

  • Residence Stereo Components: $10
  • Automobile Stereos: $5

Computers & Computer Equipment

  • Computer Monitors 19” or smaller: $15
  • Computer Monitors 20” to 34”: $23
  • Computer Towers/CPUs: Free
  • Printers/Scanners:
  • Laptops/Tablets: Totally Free
  • Universal Power Supply (UPS):
  • Keyboards, Mice, Cables
  • Large misc. computer equip.: Computer Towers/CPUs: Free
  • Printers/Scanners: $10
  • Universal Power Supply (UPS): ten dollars
  • Large misc. computer equip.: $0.37/lb
    (More than 40 pounds)

Copiers & Fax Devices

  • Fax Devices: ten dollars
  • Desktop Co.37/lb
    (over 40 lbs)
  • Fax Machines:
  • Desktop Copiers: ten dollars
  • Large Copiers (over 40 lbs.): $0.37/lb

Mobile Phones

  • Cell Phones
  • Office Phones: $4
  • Residence Phones: $2

Small Electronic Products

  • Digital camera models: $2
  • PDAs, iPads, pills: Totally Free
  • Small Video Game Systems: $5

TVs & VCRs/DVD Players

  • TVs 19” or smaller: $15
  • Mid-Size TVs 20” to 34”: $23
  • Systems and TVs larger than 34”: $45
  • VCRs/DVD people: $10
  • Satellite Boxes: ten dollars

Eco-Cycle Offices and CHaRM: Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials at 6400 Arapahoe

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