Appliances Recycling Columbus Ohio

September 13, 2022
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Construction / Demolition Landfill

Price Schedule
Basic C&D material $5.44 cubic garden
Cubic garden are dependant on box measurements on
truck or trailer
C&D Pick-ups / Traditional Bed $21.76
Bedrooms with developed sides and/or product across bed edges
of a regular truck will likely to be recharged at cubic lawn rates
C&D Cars / Facility Wagons $12.10
Mixed lots $18.81 cubic yard
(ie. C&D plus solid waste)
Volume things $16.50 cubic yard
(ie. tree stumps, railroad ties, large concrete)
Single railway connections $3.85 each
Minimal charge $12.10

All pricing at the mercy of change anytime and exclude fees and/or surcharges.

Dirt: Clean dirt (random lots) is charged
by vehicle or by cubic yd.

Dirt mixed with debris / concrete, etc.
should be charged yardage unless notified.
Large volumes are going to be recharged for
dozer time or by cubic lawn.

Minimal dust charge $15.00 per load
Asbestos $16.50 per cubic lawn.
24/7 notice required for disposal.
Hours of acceptance 7 am - 4 pm Mon - Fri.

Products susceptible to an extra charge
Vehicle tires (Off Rim) $6.05 each
Vehicle tires (On Rim) $12.10 each
Truck tires (Off Rim) .10 each
Truck tires (On Rim) .20 each
Tractor tires based size .25 and up
Equipment / Water heater .20 each
Air Conditioning Units / Refrigerators / Freezers
.40 each
Furniture / Mattresses / TV's .15 each
Carpet 9 x 12 .68 each
Microwave ovens .15 each
Truck Dig-outs .50

All organization vehicles entering our center need a Franklin County Board of Health sticker displayed on there vehicle, according to laws. (For information, contact Board of wellness at 614 462-3160)

We would like to remind our customers that is a Construction and Demolition debris Landfill. Our company is forbidden to just accept loads containing more after that 10% of: Paper / cardboard, garbage / garbage, paint cans, polluted grounds, car parts, pallets, simply leaves / garden clippings or fluid of every kind. We are able to take, as a convenience, 1 or 2 items mentioned above as "extra fee products", but loads packed with these needs to be taken to Franklin County.
(Unsure if an item is acceptable? Please call our facility for concerns).

Phone: 614 539-3722 Fax: 614 539-2590

Hours of Operation

Mon.-Fri. 7am. - 5pm.
Sat. 7am. - 12pm.

2230 Brown Path.
Grove City, Ohio
Office: 614 539-3722
Fax: 614 539-2590

Construction / Demolition Debris Facilities

Harsh and finished lumber or lumber
Brick and tangible block
Plaster, roof tiles
Glass and Window frames
Plumbing installation piping
Roofing Material
Stone, soil and rock
Wiring and accessories
Stump, limbs, logs, better then 4"
in diameter (free from leaves)
Construction containers (earth or product
from building, mining, or demolition
functions substances which are not
bad for community health)

Auto components
Garbage/bagged product

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