Appliances package deals Home Depot

September 28, 2022
Home Depot Kitchen Appliance

Save up to $1, 500 when you purchase 2 or even more eligible GE Profile™ Series or GE® appliances.

  • Purchase any 8 get $1, 500
  • Purchase any 7 get $1, 000
  • Buy any 6 get $850
  • Buy any 5 get $750
  • Purchase any 4 get $500
  • Get any 3 get $300
  • Get any 2 get $100

Obtain a GE Visa® prepaid card* when you purchase choose GE Profile Series, or GE® appliances. See rebate type for qualified models and additional details.

Provide good for items bought February 3 to February 16, 2016.

* through online or mail-in rebate. See rebate kind for details and a number of qualified designs. Cards are given by Citibank, N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and handled by Citi Prepaid providers. Cards will not have cash accessibility and certainly will be properly used every-where Visa® debit cards tend to be acknowledged. This card is a Visa prepaid credit card. Every time you use the card the quantity of the exchange will likely to be deducted through the quantity of your readily available balance. Stipulations apply to the card. At the mercy of appropriate legislation, a monthly maintenance charge of $3 (USD) applies, but is waived the very first six months following the card is issued. No extra fees may be considered once the card balance reaches zero. Cards can be used at merchants that accept Visa debit cards.

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