GE appliances at Home Depot

August 30, 2022
A General Electric gas stove

Available Slate Finish Appliances at The Home Depot

GE's Newest Premium Appliance Finish - Slate
GE's exclusive Slate finish exudes refinement and elegance for a look unlike anything on the market today. Inspired by the rich texture of stone, it provides a warm, inviting alternative to stainless steel.

Slate not only offers an option that's elegant and modern, it also maintains its great appearance. The dark matte finish naturally hides fingerprints, smudges and dirt. It's also a breeze to clean using a clean cloth and a mild household detergent.

Universal AppealBenefits of GE’s new Slate finish

Leading characteristics of GE's new Slate finish

Whether you are looking to replace a single appliance or remodeling your entire kitchen, GE's Slate appliances are designed to blend with other stainless steel, black or white appliances, or make a statement by themselves.

The Benefits of Slate include:

  • Resists fingerprints
  • Easily complements other appliances
  • Attractive color looks unique and stylish
  • Easy to clean and keep looking great
  • Finished with bold, brushed metal touch points
  • Holds magnets

Universal Appeal

A Palette Pleaser
Pair a Slate finish with virtually anything. From sleek granites and composites to organic glass and wood, Slate perfectly harmonizes with today's materials and colors. With such a broad palette of complementary finishes, Slate can appeal to every taste.

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